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Agile Testing Tutorial For Beginners : Pondy IT Training

Testing using Agile Methodology is the buzzword in the industry as it yields quick and reliable testing results. The following course is designed for beginners with no Agile Experience.Individual and team interactions over processes and tools Working software over comprehensive documentation Customer collaboration over contract negotiation.

In-Class Instructor Led Guidance

Pondy IT Training Guidance

We know your struggle and that's why this course is designed and led by industry expert instructor who will teach and guide you in the real onsite class. Students will also get support from trainer assistant to get additional and personal care.

Collaborate Learning

Pondicherry IT Training Learning Course

You are not alone, learn the stuffs with others students in a collaborative environment. Make you learning experience fun and stress free. Help each other to grow together.

Cutting Edge Most up-to-date Syllabus

Cutting Edge

The course curriculum, lesson plan, study materials and resources are designed and build to meet the current market demand. The teaching method we apply to simulate the real world experience.

Outcome Driven

Pondicherry IT Training Center Top Driven

The course is designed in align with the job requirements by the employer. The skill you will get will ultimately prepare the active job searching students launch a career in this field.


We provide the students with top notch and up to date curriculum. Our students learn the industry standards with a foundation to continue learning as technology evolves.

Our curriculum has been carefully crafted in collaboration with employers from the field. We use student feedback to improve our curriculum every six months. We don’t follow the text books but rather we create our own standard materials from the world of resources. Our curriculum always lead by the practical project experience.

Program Structure

Program Structure

Pondy IT Training Program Structure Course

Agile Testing is designed in such a way where you can get all the important conceptual knowledge, hands on skills and problem solving techniques. In most of the classes, the instructor will give two hours lecture and after that you have to do a classwork relating to the instruction subject. You will be given homework in each class related to real life and practical scenarios. There will be a trainer assistat to support you with more personal attention.

Our program includes:

20 Weeks Course Duration

Onsite Instructor Led Class

96+ Hours of Class Lecture

80+ Hours of Homework

80+ Hours of lab Work

60+ Hours of Project works

Career Support

Pondy IT Training offers career development support to all immersive boot camp students. We understand that building a career is a life-long process and we will do our best to support you. Our ultimate goal is to help you launching your desired career.

Dedicated Marketing

Our dedicated marketing team will help you searchning and applying for jobs.

Resume and Interview Prep

Get help from expert to optimize your professional resume. We guide you for technical and cultural interviews.

Career Support

Work with your career coach one to one to get more specific counseling to fit your need.

Our Student

Pondicherry IT Training Student

Training Center Students in Pondicherry I was tremendously profited by Pondy IT Training to learn Java and Selenium without any preparation. The class environment, training methodology and profession support program were profoundly useful for us . You need to simply be with them and adhere to their guidance. Project based concentrated training camp at last helped me to set my career. Pondicherry IT Training Centre Student