Edge computing

It is the process of recording, storing, processing and searching data near the client, where the data is generated, It is a new form of decentralized computing.

It minimizes the distance and time the data has to travel between a client and server, and accelerates the data for understanding the process.  It may be mentioned as a distributed IT network architecture that enables mobile computing for data produced locally.

An example is executing IOT devices and sensors to collect more data and extend the lifetimes of large capital expenditures, such as SCADA systems and manufacturing lines to update their operations.

Examples of edge computing use cases include industrial sensors monitoring factory machines, devices to measure soil moisture in agriculture fields, and the information processing done by self-driving cars.

Importance of edge computing

Edge computing is important because it generates new and improved ways for industrial and enterprise-level businesses to boost operational efficiency, improve performance and safety, automate all core business processes.

Purpose of edge computing

Edge computing enhances Internet devices and web applications by bringing computing closer to the source of the data. This decreases the need for long distance communications between client and server, which reduces lag and bandwidth usage.

Once upon a time we used to have large, bulky servers that were located within our offices which handled the bulk of the computing task. This was during a time when connections to the Internet were slow.

As our Internet connections have gotten faster, the computing power moved into centralized locations to take advantage of economies of scale

Who uses edge computing?

  • Amazon
  • Microsoft
  • Alphabet

All three of these tech giants’ cloud presenting Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud support edge computing in both hardware and software

Edge servers

Edge server refers to servers that run the processing at an edge location, which can be anywhere along the edge spectrum; usually from localized edge to regional edge.

Edge servers can serve different purposes depending on the context.

  • Security Context
  • Application Context
  • Content Distribution Context
  • Mail Context
  • Content Distribution Context

Is edge computing more secure?

Edge computing is considered a secure computing model as long as effective cyber security practices throughout the network

Types of Edge Computing

  • Cloud
  • Device Edge
  • Compute Edge
  • Sensor

Disadvantages of Edge Computing

  • More Storage Space
  • Investment Cost
  • Maintenance



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